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    I thought I read it was going to be free but with ads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    I thought I read it was going to be free but with ads.
    That works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    This app is great. I just wonder if they are going to charge for it once they get all the features implemented? They are making us addicted to it by adding a little at a time then as soon as we are hooked, BAM! That'll be $10 please
    $10 Bucks would be the greatest deal in the world for this app and this thing seems to work great as it is curently implemented.

    Id even consider a pay version with no ads and a free version with ads Hey James theres an idea for ya to tink about. Keep the addons coming!!
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    Checking college and NFL football game listings. Clicking on the "Preview" link does nothing.

    Clicking on "Preview" in MLB wants to "Launc Web Browser to view this link?" does the "Settings" link.

    Lots of potential here though.
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    I'm disappointed by the download time when you load the program, since I frequently have to exit the application to take a call.

    If it were the same speed as opening a browser with ESPN's gamecast, it would be far more useful to me.
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    Thanks for all the positive comments. I have been wanting to launch our beta2 version of GetSportz and I am now down to a couple of remaining bugs. I think I will get this out next week. All the content should be working great right now and I would appreciate any feedback if people are noticing problems.

    The next version will make major improvements to the content update process breaking everything out into smaller chunks. The sports content will be selectable by the user so if you are not interested in Tennis you will not get that content. I have also incorporated some cool functionality to optimize the content updates. This will make a big difference to the size of the updates if you are updating regularly. The third cool feature incorporates a browser refresh function so that if you have the Live Scores page open the scores and play information will update dynamically. If I can I will also put in the scheduled updates for next week otherwise that will follow shortly after.

    Again please email me with any suggestions or problems and I am sorry it is taking so long to finish GetSportz.

    James Fisher
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    I should have also mentioned that we have no intention of ever charging for this application. Our plans are to make it ad supported and I hope that the small banners are not intrusive.

    There may be some premium content in the future where our partners do need a subscription but that will be an optional extra.

    Also the Football live app similar to the baseball is coming soon.
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    Good work jf2000!!! Look forward to the updates.
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    James, great news on the new version you're working on. I'm wondering if you have plans to add Formula One racing results and news to the auto racing section. It would be great if you did.

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    When I go to "Live Baseball and Scores" it shows me the information from two days ago. It's showing me the final score from game 5, instead of the current information from game 7 of the NLCS. When I click the "Live" link on that page, it takes me to the correct "Live" page for game 7.

    It looks like a great app, I'm looking forward to the next release.
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    How do I DELETE this completely from my 700p?

    I delete it from my treo and then when I sync it goes back on there. Please help. Thanks.
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    The only input i have so far without actually testing it on a live game is to make browsing in GetSportz to be more like Blazer. I like to hit the back button to go back, the spacebar to go to the top bar where the refresh, stop and favorites buttons are, and scroll up through pages without going to every link. For instance hit the left or right on the navigation pad to go to the links, not up and down, use up and down for just scrolling the pages. Seems great so far! will post again after this weekend of trying it.
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    Any updates? MyTeams functionality?
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    Anyone figure out how to remove this app from the Treo??
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    I was thinking about re-installing this application (GetSportz) because I liked the live MLB feature.
    Is it still being developed?
    Is anyone still using it?
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    If you want to install the latest go point to from your Treo browser. I have just posted an update to the live baseball application.

    GetSportz is still being actively developed.

    A brand new UI will be launched in the next few weeks.

    GetSportz is free and will be advertising supported.
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    Thanks for the response. Good to hear that you are still actively developing this and that there will be a new UI soon (usability could be improved).

    I downloaded the latest version from your web site late yesterday and ran into a problem. After I installed, syncd (Add it) and ran it, I found that all of my PIM data (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks) were gone. Everything else on my Treo seemes to still be there. I was able to recover the PIM data back to the Treo from my desktop but obviously this is a big concern. Iíve never had this happen before. I can't say for sure that it was GetSportz that deleted my PIM data but I know it was all there before I installed it, missing after I installed it and nothing else was installed.

    Again, it could be unrelated but I thought you should know.
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    I also installed it yesterday on my 680 and, although it did reset as it was finishing the install, I have had no other problems running it. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the update. I just downloaded the Getsportz update to my Treo 700p and the install went smoothly. I did the soft reset and my contacts where OK. I tested the live MLB feed and all looked good.


    Alan G
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    Will you be adding My Teams functionality anytime soon?
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