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    We haven't heard from You in a couple of weeks.
    I hope you haven't lost interest or hit a snag.

    We are all very hopeful that you can make this program work.

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    I just loged in to post the same sort of message. It has been a while since we've heard any news. Can you tell us how it's going? I'm looking forward to future beta releases. I'd love to be able to start "watching" live NFL games.
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    Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Lots of work going on and hoping to post a new beta late this week with a ton of new functionality.

    I ran into some issues on the new 700p devices and have nearly wrapped up all the fixes. Stability of the application has been my main goal in this round.

    Thanks to all the enthusiastic testers. I am sorry to all the NFL fans that I haven't got the live scores working. Content has not been my main focus the last week or so but I will spend the next few days implementing some of the missing screens. So maybe by this weekend we will have some live NFL scores

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    Please don't forget about College Football. We're already coming up on week 4.
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    Keep up the good work James. Live NFL/College Football would be greatly appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post
    Keep up the good work James. Live NFL/College Football would be greatly appreciated.
    Yep. To be honest it is the only thing I would use it for. Without football included, it is just a space waster on my 700p...

    *anxiously waiting football fix*

    *twitch twitch*

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    Now that the resets are being addressed, let's play some FOOTBALL, BABY!!!!!!!
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    Can't wait to the updated version cause this thing is a required app now I've shown a few freinds and there like how much and there shocked its free keep up the killer work most of us can't wait to "test" this app some more.
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    just notice football scores are getting populated just need to wait till sunday to see if 'live" comes up.
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    I'll be testing this weekend
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    I downloaded it, and must say Im impressed with it. Hopefully the 'live' feature will work for the nfl also...
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    Anyone try it this weekend with the college football games?
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    No colledge games but nfl seemed to update the scores but no live mode
    it seems other links are starting to show some signs of life a little at a time. hopefully they will turn this app to full blast soon. but it looks reall nice even in "beta" mode.
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    Looks like a killer app so far. Keep up the great work!
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    Is there any way to install this to the Card. I installed the install file there but when I run the installer, it puts it on the device.

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    Thanks so much for this application. I've been waiting for this kind of app for a long time, given the maddening current condition that the Treo is limited in its java-based apps (such as ESPN gameday, or MLB gameday audio, etc.). I know there are still bugs to be worked out (MLB live generally worked OK, but sometimes doesn't update, etc.) but I'm confident you'll get there and when you do, I'll be a daily user.

    Thanks, again.
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    Just something to add, In the live screen, sometime's i'm not sure if the data is updating.

    can there be a moniter/signal meter?

    or perhaps, use a button (center) to "update manually"
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    Great app! Now seem to include college football too. It will be nice to have Live action (similar to baseball games) for football too.
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    I just updated, and I saw an NFL_Live file being downloaded.
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    This app is great. I just wonder if they are going to charge for it once they get all the features implemented? They are making us addicted to it by adding a little at a time then as soon as we are hooked, BAM! That'll be $10 please
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