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    ordering my 700P on Tuesday and definitely need the dsp as I live and work in a noisy environment. What's the best of the best (with an emphasis on small set...I have very short hair and don't want a big BT headset on one side!)

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    Jabra JX10 or Plantronics 655 I feel are the best out there with DSP.
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    Although contrary to many others here, the JX10 was a no go for me. It dropped connections with the 700p a couple of times but that wasn't the big deal for me. Sound quality on 2 different units was poor in my opinion.

    Hissing on my end plus a sharp kind of sound. And echo complaints constantly on the other end. I tried it for 6 weeks on and off and no go.
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    JX10 with a Jabra eargel.
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    The jx10 has been good to me and my 700p for quite a few months until 2weeks ago. people started to complain that they could not hear me and of echoing. So now I have the nokia bh800. very nice looking earpiece. sounds very good, in and out going. every so often it loses connection. but I think its the 700p not the nokia bh800.
    The nokiabh800 has bluetooth 2.0. I'm not sure what that means in terms of the 700p but I like this earpiece as much as the jx10.
    I was looking for more reviews of the bh800 with the 700p but I can't seem to fined any.

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