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    I've had my Sprint TREO for about 8 months and love it. I sync with Outlook on a regular basis...contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc.

    The SD card usually stored in the slot has songs and videos. The other night, I used the contacts function at the airport to contact a friend...everything was normal. A bit later, I switched SD cards to one that had my GPS maps on it. Later that evening, I went to bring up my contacts again, and they were gone. Completely. Everything else is still in place...appointments, tasks, notes, other apps, etc. Just my contacts disappeared. Interestingly, I can still use my hotkey dialing, and the TREO will display the name of the person I'm callling.

    Even though my contacts were not being stored on my original SD card...I even tried putting that SD card back in the slot. Still no contacts.

    I'm on the road, away from the computer I sync with, for 9 days. I'm pretty confident (hopeful!) that when I get home, a hotsync will solve the problem and put my Outlook contacts back onto the TREO. However, I'm baffled as to how this could have happened, and I wonder if anyone out there has had a simlar event happen...and if you could share any insights.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    I'm in the same boat. Strangely enough, my caller ID still works for incoming calls from people on my hotkey list.

    Tried to see if syncing would fix the problem. It doesn't.
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    For safety I just go to RAM with an explorer and copy Contacts files to SD card. And at any time if something would go wrong I can just copy them back to RAM.

    To try, take Resco Explorer and go to RAM, find the file AddressDB (or ContactsDB-PAdd), click it and hold a little, in a new window select 'View', it will show you the file and if it contains records you could see them (in a not rather convenient way however). Use arrows in the bottom to list records. And in the top check T only (uncheck # and X).
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    I am a 1st time chat user and have had my Treo 650 about 12 months and still cannot find anyone who can help give me instructions to backup all the messages and voice recorded chat messages.
    Has anyone been able to do this and can they help me how to do it and if a 3rd party software is required?
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    What do you mean by backing up "all messages and recorded chat messages"?

    Resco Backup allows you to backup Everything or just a particular app in the RAM unto the SD card.

    It also allows you to backup SD directories on the SD card to the backup directory on the same card. So that if you update record in a directory on the card, you can protect the files in case you delete them or other errors.
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    I had this problem once and hotsync took care of it. I would highly recommend a backup program as you would have been able to do a complete restore from your "original" SD card.

    BTW - I believe the calls still work from Favorites because they are actually stored elsewhere.

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