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    I have a 2 gig SD card for my mp3's for the real player.

    I can only add like 140 songs or something like that. After that it says "cannot copy: directory cannot be created"

    But there is still PLENTY of capacity on the card?

    I'm assuming the problem is that I have too many files in the root directory of the SD card.

    If I create folders, I can add more music... But then the realplayer on the Treo won't find those folders when it looks for files? It only looks at the root.

    How can I remedy this problem?
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    At the very bottom. Google is your friend.

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    Backup all files on your SD card to your hard drive and reformat the card from the Treo. Then copy everything back and see if you can now copy more files. If you didn't originally format the card in the Treo this could be the issue.

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