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    Hi TreoPhiles,

    Just found this board and it looks like it will be very helpful. Just upgraded to the 700P from the 600 from the Kyocera 7135 (that goes a long way back and it was one of the most ergonomically nice "beta" data-phones--Verizon gave me 4 of them before they gave up and gave me the 600-still miss the clamshell--but that's ancient history now, sorry to dredge it back up).

    My immediate problem is the Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset (3265WW) I just got. The earpiece (headset) will NOT snap into the Headset Carrying Pocket (the thing with the shirt-clip) you put it into to charge and store while not in use.

    It will not SNAP in. There is a little 3-pin connector down their that refuses to connect and hold it in. It seems to be charging OK just by gravity but could easily fall out and there goes my big bucks.

    Palm has been little help. The "TECHS" have never seen a real one, only familiar with them from their crib sheets. I think I've been talking to India and the Phillipines and everywhere in between accept for Sunnyvale. I can hardly wait 'til the warranty is up and I can start paying them $25 per question. That's why I don't buy anything Hewlett-Packard any more.

    Why should I have to pay them to talk about their poor product design and off-shore manufactuing defects--the hight of IRRATIONALITY. Welcome to the "New Age".

    They did admit they were having a problem with "some" of them. They did tell me to return it for exchange, whoopee! I am leaving on vacation and was hopeing to USE IT! in a few days.

    Finally my post-rant question? Has anyone here experienced this issue and have a quick-fix for me so I can take it with me on vacation?

    For $114.99 you'd think you'd get more knowlegble tech support and better quality control--but then I've always been a dreamer.

    Sorry for the long rant but data-phones can do that to you--they become a big part of your daily life and I plan on learning how to use this one.
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    That is a known issue on the Palm Ultralight headset and the Plantronics 640 and 645. I have read from many users that it is clearly a design problem that has beeen addressed on the Plantronics 655. I would return it and go to and buy a Plantronics 655, which has been reported to be way better than the 640/645 and Palm Ultralight.
    I'm waiting for my 655 to arrive and I will write a small review once I get it.

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    Thanks Treolo, I just might do that, if I can before my vacation in a few days, otherwise I'll use it til then. Pissssses me off that the Palm Phone Store sells stuff that they know has mechanical issues. I get the virtual pride of ownership, until it arrives, and then try to load it up, with the help of someone in Manila, whose never seen or will see one-- and then it's broken.

    Oh well, welcome to "Beta World"--Disneyland of the future--accept nothing works fully right--and when they finally get it right...IT's OBSOLETE!
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    I (and others on this board) have had the same problem with the Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset. I finally called Palm a few days ago, even though I had gone past my 30 days return period and told the CS guy I got hold of that this appeared to be a "design defect" and that I had read of numerous other people reporting the same problem. I also reported the fact that the unit I had would drop the BT connection intermittently (another issue I have had with this headset unfortunately), and I found this unaceptable for such an expensive, supposed Palm/Treo 700p-approved headset. He was very nice and logged my headset as a "defective unit", OK'ed a full refund, and is sending me a return shipping label to send the PUWH back to Palm.

    Good luck in contacting Palm- hope you are as lucky as I was in getting satisfaction.

    I am currently trying out the new Samsung WEP200- not on the official "Treo-approved" list, but seems to be working GREAT so far, is smaller, and the innovative charging/carrying case I feel is better designed.

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    Hi Neo,

    My sentiments exactly. Thanks for the input. I'll consider the Samsung WEP200 also. Palm is sending me the return sticker. Have a nice holiday weekend. I'm glad I found this board.


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