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    I was checking out the new voices that are out there for TomTom and all I see is freaking male voices from Mr. T and some other foos. We need sexy voices from hot females such as Elizabeth Hurley or Elisha Cuthbert

    Anybody knows if there is anything like that?

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    <in a sexy deep voice> I'll do the voices for you Treolo!!! LOL

    yeah I agree, I need a hot female voice to tell me where to go!! Maybe if enough of us write TT, they will do it.
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    Ok, I can think of a few reasons why they didn't include this, but, I'll remain silent. I love this site and don't want to get banned.

    Do I agree with those reasons? Not one bit, but, they do come to mind.
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    My Navigation system in my Acura TL let's you choose between a male or female voice. Neither voice is "hot", but I still prefer the female voice.

    I have a gay friend who laughs every time the male voice says "Go straight for N miles"

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