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    Some time ago there was a lot of talk about a new firmware update, scheduled for june. There has been a lot of talk in older threads, but now I find it kind of though to filter out what the latest info is located :-)
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    Its definitely "on the way" say to speak. it is actually all finished, but one of the girls who needs to sign off on the upload is away on maternity leave and doesn't come back till may / june 2007, perhaps the original rumour was correct, but they just got the year wrong? Who knows? Everybody here at TC have been more than understanding of this process though. Of course, your patience too would be more than appreciated. :-) Thanks in advance... see ya next June.
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    Again.. It's called the 700p..
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    Just like with all the other "updates" that Palm personel has said will be "coming", never comes.

    Take the Zire 72 auto lock update, the anticipated next LifeDrive update, the Treo 650 Wi-Fi card driver, etc. Guys, they will never come, regardless of what the reps say.

    They're in the business to sell. Spending time and effort with an update for an older device isn't feasible for them when they can spend it on the newer device. That's the sad fact.
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