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    Hi all,

    I just called a friend of mine and it said "Press 4 to send a fax", which I thought was very cool. What is the best solution to send and receive faxes with the Treo 650??? I am on Cingular, by the way?

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    I have found eFax to be a useful solution. I dont have a fax machine at home (no landline phone line), so the email fax capabilities of eFax come in handy. I can receive faxes in several formats including PDF and TIFF. As such I am able to open these fax types on my 700p (and 650 too) with either DocsToGo or Acid Image Pro. Sending of faxes via email from the Treo can also done by sending to If your a TakePhone user, it has a handy control to handle fax numbers as email and allows you to add a format mask to convert a fax number into an email address.
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    But is there any normal fax tool without need to use internet/email, just GSM only?
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