Intermittently since I've owned the Garmin GPS 10, I've noticed that some of the settings will get forgotten by the Que software on my Treo 650/700p.

You can tell when the settings get lost because when you reset your Treo, the Garmin software will immediately try and connect with the GPS 10 unit. Also, if you change the display lines at the top of the map program, they will get reset. Also, the zoom ratio and location will get reset. Finally, the GPS ID won't show up in the Que Setup application. It will be forgotten. So you won't be able to open any detail maps, until you reconnect to the GPS 10.

I've seen this happen when reseting a Treo. I've also seen it happen after a hotsync.

Anyway... I figured out that there is a file that is created on the Treo by the Garmin software. It isn't installed by the Garmin Que software installer. It is called NONVOL. It seems like this file can get corrupted.

If you delete the NONVOL file (you may have to do a warm reset to do this), then reconnnect the Que software to the Garmin GPS 10, it will now remember it's settings even if you reset your Treo.

Not sure how long this lasts. Maybe its a good idea to make a backup of a good nonvol file.

just thought I'd pass this along to anyone who cares.

If you ask Garmin, they tell you that you must re-pair your GPS 10 with the Que software any time a Treo reset happens. This is only true if the NONVOL file is corrupt.