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    hi everyone.....

    i purchased tomtom 5 along with a bt-338 receiver a little while ago. was working fine for awhile.... then i started adding some mp3s (less than 10) onto the SD card (using the palm install program) and now every time I try to start navigator, it resets. I see the tomtom logo for a second, and right before it is supposed to go into the green screen that asks you to agree, it resets. Would someone be able to offer some insight as to why how I can solve this? I have a 2gb SD card and only 2 maps installed so there is still tons of room left on the card. only 3rd party apps I am running is butler and ringo pro.

    last time this happened I formatted my SD card and reinstalled tomtom, but as you may know it is quite time consuming. any input would be greatly appreciated!

    - brian
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    Have you tried flushing the DBcache before starting Nav5? Tomtom requires a lot of operating space and will force a reset to get it. The freeware program Meminfo is an easy way to do it. Others have reported that helps avoid resets.

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