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    Hotsync states that Outlook 2007 isn't supported. Does anyone know a link for a patch? Does one exist? Tried MS, and Palm...too painful to mention and after hours, nada.
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    The people at Chapura have released new version of PocketMirror Standard 4.2 that claim support Outlook 2007 for Treo 650 and Treo 700p. I do not have the Outlook 2007 beta to verify that claim
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    I have been using OU07 with chapura 4.0.2 not 4.2 for a while now. remeber docs to go does not work with office 2007
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    Is it me or is Outlook 2007 kinda slow, and a memory hog on the PC? i had it installed in my pc at home and my laptop they are decent machines, 2.3ghz 500megs ram, but outlook 2007 seems to lag on both machines
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    Outlook 2007 is slow and is a memory hog I am running a 3.2 with 2gb ram and have uninstalled office 2007, it just seems to run too slow.
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    gotcha, thank god i was wondering what the hell is wrong with this thing, same thing with Windows Vista i had the beta installed and this this just sucks, no drivers for anything, its just bad.
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    Rick and edofloat,

    Althought we have to say Outlook 2007 and Vista are betas, I agree, they are scheduled to come out pretty soon and neither are close to being ready. Drivers, stability, security, 3rd party HW and sft support? None of it is there.

    I hate to say it as I sound like a zeolot, but SLED 10 - is the answer. I love it. Much better stuff. It's not going to fix your syncing issue though....

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