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    In response the the many requests for an armband to secure a Treo during workouts, running etc, we are plaesed to announce the availability of the Sportsband to fit Palm Treo 600, 650 & 700.

    For limited time, we will be shipping this item for US$19.99 shipped & will uding a free audio adapter.
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    Please check your private messages.

    Edit: Great service. Thanks!
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    The website was so slow I gave up trying to look at it. I don't think it is my internet connection as all the other sites I'm hitting tonight are jumpin...
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    The website was running fine for me, but I couldn't find it. I'm giving up, too excited about my phone running great (check out my other posts).
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    Try this one, I drilled down into it, the site is a bit clunky to find the sports band but here it is: (I think assuming the link works)
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    Thanks. Just a little bit of scrolling around. It was late, I was tired.

    Looks good though. I'm not sure how the Treo would react to the movement and shocks, but there seems to be a high demand for it. Maybe I'll get that instead of an iPod, for now.

    Just a question, what are those "silos" on the left of the Treo in the pics? Something to wrap the cord up with? It looks like two long elastic holding things, like for a pen or something.
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    Does this sportsband allow for use of the headphone adapter?
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    Any reviews yet? How does it attach to your arm?
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    I ordered one of these and it works great. Been using it at the gym for a week and no complaints. It cost $19 and the shipping from Hong Kong was included. Recieved it in just 5 days. An audio adapter is included with it also. The website is a little slow, but it's worth the wait. Here's a link directly to it.
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    I ordered one of these for my wife and received it last week. She's worked out a couple of times with it and is very pleased. The enclosure for the Treo is very tight so there's not much chance of the Treo coming out accidentally. It has a hole in the bottom for plugging in your headphones. My wife is still getting used to exercising with the Treo on her arm, but she loves it, especially since she has access to the screen & keyboard.
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