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    I just bought a card reader from the LED Shoppe and I can't figure out how to transfer files. It is a usb sd card reader and it came with no directions. How do I transfer files from the computer to the card and the card to the computer? Thanks!
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    well with windows xp you should be able to plug in the card reader and then slide in the card and it should show up as another drive. Mine shows up as my :f drive. Then just drag and drop files as required.

    Can't remeber with Win98 and don't have a clue with anyother OS
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    Thanks for the response! I am using Windows XP and the usb drive on the front of my Sony Viao's tower would not work, but the usb ports in the back work fine. Kind of strange. I use the front usb port when I hotsync it just doesn't work with my card reader. Either way it is working great now and if anyone is looking for a great card reader for only $3 check out the Led Shoppe.
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    It could be a conflict between usb 2.0 and usb 1.1, but usually a usb 2.0 device plugged into an older port will work fine, albeit at a slower bandwidth.

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