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    I am having a problem when I sync Avantgo, when I hot sync it will update avantgo, and when it is done, it starts all over again, it does this 3 times in a row. It is taking forever to do a hot sync now! Any suggestions would be great!!
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    This usually happens when you have multiple servers setup in the Server Preferences of AvantGo. Go into the AvantGo app, tap the silkscreen menu button, tap options, tap server preferences. Tap on Server and see how many are setup. If there is more than one, delete the bottom ones (I'm pretty sure that the top one is the newest). This should fix it.

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    Thanks, your suggestion fixed the problem!!
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    This could recur on you. Check that on your PC and Visor that you have only 1 server listed in your preferences. I think it can also happen if you sync Avant Go at 2 PC's. To be _really_ sure, I changed the preferences in both Avant Go and Mobile Link (all machines).

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