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    But requires SD 2.0 devices. I assume it won't work on any Treos then?
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    I've been waiting for this capacity card to be announced. The Gizmodo article says it won't work with existing SD devices.

    Anyone have any idea whether a rom hack would be feasible for accepting SD 2.0? Shadowmite? Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho View Post
    Not enough IMO. But I'm strange.

    In one of the other 8GB posts, it was stated that several major camera manufacturers said their SD slots would be compatible with a firmware upgrade. Sandisk's site doesn't seem to agree with them.
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    When the price for an 8GB card gets to under $100 and there is a hack for the Treo to support them then count me in. I can never have enough storage.
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    This is horrible. The original SD standard supports 8gb capacity, and I've been waiting all year for them to release. Instead of making me happy, they release the card with the capacity I want, but have to make a new standard at the same time? Bollocks!

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