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    I removed the free trial offer in Chatter a while back. According to, you just go to the link in Chatter to try it out. Is there any way to sign up for the trial without removing and reinstalling Chatter?

    Also...what are the main differences between emailtreo and
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    emailtreo is just a domain hosted at Use "offer" at the Console to bring the offer back.

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    Thanks Marc!
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    I tried the 'Free Account Offer' tab in Chatter. After completing everything (e.g. account name, password, etc) and hit ok, it was going through a couple of steps such as 'Contacting' and 'Waiting'. Then it came back with a message 'Incomplete SMS' (or something about SMS... not sure why SMS). My last few tries actually came back with the message 'Chatter received a failure response from the server at; please hit OK to try again'. Hope this is not the beginning of any saga with a new IMAP provider...
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    webedc - Well, no. The provisioning server is completely separate from the mail servers; it could well be a Chatter issue. If you email me with the address you want, I can create the account for you.


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