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    It was all academic until it stated happening to me. Now it's personal.

    I have a lot of apps loaded including the usual suspects:

    the Extended Battery

    Only a hard reset W/ Erase All Data stops the loop

    My question is how exactly does backup work. To be sure that im just restoring from just the backup directory do I turn all the conduits off except "Backup" -or- do I leave the "Install..." conduits. I am unclear about the function of the "install..." conduits.

    Thanks Tony
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    The problem with regular restores is that you often times restore the device to the state it was in at the time it started resetting. Was the last backup done with the Treo stable? If so there should be no problem. If it was backed up after you installed some software, then remove those applications from the folder you are restoring from.

    Your conduits at this point should all be set to desktop over-writes device or because there is nothing on the device, you can use sync files. I prefer to use desktop overwrites device. Ben
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    Of course, what Ben is saying is safer, but *if* you have hard reset the device, the standard operating procedure is to set it back on the cradle and hotsync. Most, if not all, of your data should be restored.
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    If a warm reset (up+reset) gets you through the loop, begin the arduous task of deleting suspect apps one-by-one. When you find the problem, restore from a back-up and exclude the broken app. I don't know how many backup apps let you do this; my favorite, Right Back Up 2 by Standalone, does.

    Re-install the problem app after you've got everything working; sometimes a corrupt database or such thing will cause problems and a clean install of a broken app will be OK ... until it breaks again, I suppose. Make sure your versions are up-to-date, etc, etc.
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    Thanks for the help. I've tried restoring a couple apps at a time but no luck. So now I'm just going to reinstall one app at a time the long way. Sigh. I love my 700p but she so high maintenance.
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    My 700p was perfectly stable until yesterday. All of a sudden it kept soft resetting. I had to do a hard reset. When I hotsynced, it started soft resetting again (even though when I hotsynced before everything was working properly).

    I found that the problem was within blazer. I deleted all the blazer files from the backup folder, performed another hard reset, and then synced. Everything is now working fine.

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