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    ok here's the problem yesterday i got an alert from my phone, on the screen it says "VersaMail mail account Scheduled get failed" and when i click on it, it reads

    "the Last scheduled get failed. you may wish to perform a manual get at your convenice. Please completely configure this account before using auto get mail or background send 0" thats what it said.

    Now how can i get rid of this. It rings every 3 mins, and i cant turn the ringer on cuz it gos off all the time. Can anyone help me out to solve this problem.

    Any info anyone....

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    Can't you just check off the alert? Have you tried doing a manual get to see if it clears the error? Turn off automatic get and turn it back on...

    Just some ideas.
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    I dont mean to sound stupid but how do you do that i just got this phone a few days ago, so if you can teach me how to do it that woould be great.
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    i checked off the alert but how do you do the manual get change
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    To do a manual get you just start versamail and hit the get button. I think that's what it means by manual get.

    The autosync preferences are in versamail under options/preferences/autosync. Make sure the box in there is unchecked if it's been giving you problems.
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    ok i'm a retard, found it and fixed problem. thanks
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    thanks sami-am LOL

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