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    Hi guys,

    <<If solicitaion of this kind is inappropriate I apologize>>

    I run a Computer Game Development company in Texas and I'm looking for an experienced programmer to build a working visual prototype of an application for the Treo (Windows or Palm either way).

    This is super rough but I'm guessing its 1 -3 weeks of work.

    This application will be graphics (2D) heavy. I needs the application to push a lot of bitmaps around without feeling sluggish. All the bitmaps have already been created so its just a matter of capturing user input and throwing graphics at the screen.

    The pay is good and we never need to meet in person (so you can program naked). I need this completed in September or October. It could lead to more but no promises. Also, I think it will be pretty fun.

    If you have an interest email me at


    Tony Goodman, President
    Ensmeble Studios
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    I havn't received any responses yet. I would apprecieate any suggestions on where I might post to find the developer I'm looking for.

    Thanks - Tony
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    Sounds like you need Webfoot Technologies, the owner of which is a long time friend of mine and occasionally a client. Contact Dana Dominiak, Ph.D, at Webfoot Technologies. I think will get to her, or use the old-tech method: Webfoot Technologies, Inc., 1011 State Street, Suite 260, Lemont, IL 60439, 630-257-3366.

    She and her company do turnkey, contract game development on a mind-boggling array of platforms, including PalmOS and Windows Mobile - every flavor.

    Jay Gross
    TreoCentral writer
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Sprint Treo 650, drowned Sprint Treo 700P, Treo 700w, and a crimson Treo 680 (yeah!), plus a red Centro

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