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    I just bought chatter for my work email, and it won't connect to my IMAP account because it says it has too many messages in it???

    The Inbox has ~1600 messages, and there are 8000 or so scattered in folders under that. Since I average over 400 emails a week, it adds up quickly even with me moving older mail and list mail out of my inbox.

    Versamail had no problem with my mailbox (other than versamailas regular problems), so i was shocked that i couldn't use my fancy new 'best email app'. Anyone know a way around this absurd limitation? Does snapper have a similar limitation?

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    There's no limitation like the one you mention... There is a limit of 8000 messages PER MAILBOX (i.e. per folder), but nothing else like you're seeing.

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    Any idea why chatter would be telling me that i have a 'bad folder' with too many messages? Glad to hear it's not a real limitation...
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    I'd have to see a log... If your server has a bad IMAP implementation, the limit WILL be 2000. Logging instructions in the FAQ at


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