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    Thanks MarkY for your links about Fastmail! As a matter of fact I've been monitoring the Fastmail status blog but the info provided is just simply inadequate. After reading the posts in the other forum, I'm now seriously thinking about moving away from Fastmail. As a paid user and still having some money as credits in Fastmail, I certainly hate to leave... oh well...
    I am in the same situation and state of indecision as you. I have not been affected by this outage, but from reading the posts, it would seem that I will be soon.
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    ...meanwhile, I was lucky as my fm acct was affected for from 8:30am est - to 12pm. All is well now and I missed no emails. I for sure will be backing up all 90 of my fastmail IMAP folders/sub-folders to my local PC.
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    My account is still down. :-(
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    It has affected me. Last night I went with the system Marc uses. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcc View Post
    My account is still down. :-(
    Sorry to hear that. I'm looking into as well. Fastmail is great for the price, but only if it is reliable.
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    Is anyone else still down besides me?
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    I moved all my accounts away from fastmail the last time this sort of thing happened; I can't recall a SINGLE, even brief, downtime from

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    It just went down for me and the blog status doesn't look promising. I will be moving to now. I don't like paying extra money but fastmail isn't getting the job done. :-(
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    Again, I think you get what you pay for. is a bit more expensive (still cheap, I think), but you get added reliability. And there's the promotion with ChatterEmail that gives you 6 months free.

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    Hi Marc and all,

    As I am searching for Fastmail alternatives, I've tried putting my free AIM and AOL mailboxes online (for push-mails) over the long weekend. It seems to run fine despite the battery looks like is drained faster. (But it's not a good comparison as I only had one Fastmail box online versus now I have one AIM mailbox and one AOL mailbox online at the same time).

    Marc mentioned that the IMAP implementation of AOL and AIM is bad. Would you or other posters comment on how 'bad' it is? Is it a cause of extra battery drainage? I want to justify my spending money AGAIN on a IMAP provider - even though I understand that I'll get 6 months free for trying emailtreo/

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