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    As I lay trying to sleep last night, a thought occurred to me. I have countless times seen people use the backlight of their cell phone screen and keys as a light source in dark conditions, some of the flip phones even can use their LEDs as a flashlight, but the Treo is less than ideally suited for this.

    Why not integrate a flashlight into the Treo? I think I could do this, and I intend to try, but the thought of cutting up my 700p, or my roommate’s 650 is not really attractive to either of us. I did a search on Ebay, and I found some non functional units, but to get a prototype going, and to check the process, I’d really like to keep the initial cost down.
    If anyone has a broken 650 or (shudder) 700p, ore even just the housing (back plate and antenna are the key pieces), I’d be more than happy to take it off their hands for a few bucks and shipping. PM me to let me know if you are interested in helping the cause, I would also look very favorably on you as a “beta” tester once I get to that step 

    There are two primary possibilities I have in mind for the placement…

    Option 1: is on the back, as near to the camera as possible. The obvious benefit to this is that you can direct the light towards the subject of videos and pictures. The draw back is that using it as a flashlight would not be nearly as convenient as….

    Option number 2: mount in the antenna. The benefits are obvious, a more traditional form factor as far as pointing a flashlight goes. The other bit is that I was intending on using a very bright LED, which might prove to be annoyingly bright for picture taking, but would be more suited for the pure “flashlight” function.

    Let me know what you think, and what you would like to see as extra features… possibly a dimming function? Most likely this would be a hardware controlled function, rather than software, but that’s open for improvement, and the battery drain would most likely be negligible.

    How much would you be willing to pay for one or the other? If I could make the back plates so you can do the install your self, would that make you prefer that to the antenna?
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    Hi All, i don't want to double post, but i was wanting to get your opinion on this

    Would anyone be interested if this came out?
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    Why not just use the calender screen. I always use that.
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    Xsavior -

    The darn treo is a flashlight. Everytime I try to surf at night my wife rolls over, elbows me and tells me to turn off the treo. It lights up the entire room - the thing is freakin' nuclear with it's glow in a dark room.

    All you need to do is adjust the backlight timer and your in business!
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    There is an application called "Palm Light" from I do not remember where I downloaded it from. I did find a similar $1.95 program though at Palm Gear calleld FlashBack.

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    In a word: No.

    The Treo already functions well enough as a flashlight. Try looking at it in the dark when you wake up in the morning... not even the light in my bathroom can accomplish that.

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    During the huge Blackout in 2003 there were documented stories of people using their Treos as flashlights. Thread:

    These little things come in handy for all sorts of reasons. Would a Treo 650 or 700 flashlight be a neat idea...sure, but the price of small LED lights for keychains are dirt cheap. I have one I received free at a journalist conference.

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    YAMP or PalmLight are both free, and both are basically just a white screen.. They work well at night indoors.
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    I use YAMP (Yet Another Mirror Program), and it works beautifully. Well, I take that back, as a mirror (all black screen) it sucks since the program won't convert but 1/5 of the screen to black (and obviously 4/5 pure white). But in the all white screen mode... Holy Cow does this bad boy light up a room.

    Oh yeah, and it's freeware and a very tiny program.
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    Can't you virtually accomplish the same thing by just adding a new category in your launcher, calling it Flash Light and not placing any apps in it....
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    Of course - I have one called "Test" and never though of using it for that. Darn! Ben
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    I for one would pay $20 or more for a fitted antenna with a hole drilled in the top (much like the audio jack mod).

    I know and I use a white screen as a "flashlight" all the time, but an ACTUAL new-generation LED functioning as a REAL flashlight genuinely interests me.

    I'd buy an oem antenna on ebay and see what u can do.

    In other words, I'm receptive.
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