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    What do you guys like best for an SMS counter? Also, a minute counter would be nice. Minutes Plus looks decent, but I wish I could try PhoneToolsPro. I don't see a trial for it.
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    I think any of the custom phone overlays will give you minutes. It's a feature that was built into the treo by palm and a lot of carriers disabled. You might already have it - go into your call log and click on details for any of the calls.
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    Yes, the Shadowmite overlays will count total miuntes, but it is way off for my Sprint 650. MinutesPlus works pretty darn well. It is fairly close on a monthly basis to my actual bill - usually off by only about 1%.

    There are no SMS counters as I know of - there are some old threads here about it and no answers.
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    You might want to try this application for a unified solution, I don't know if it works with 650, but it appears to accomplish your request.

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    I'm with Cingular and they have a favorite for Check Min that will send me a text with used and available minutes.
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    SMS Counter for Treo 650 has just been released at
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    Just installed. Trial mode. Thanks.
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    Great! Thanks for trying it out!

    We are working on an upcoming release that will include daily and monthly summaries of SMS messages. Also, we are working on an alerting capability that will notify you when you are approaching the sms message count limit. I got this idea for the SMS Counter originally when I received a bill for cingular and I went over the message amounts and got charged $25 bucks extra on my bill. I was a little upset. It's not a lot but I like to manage things a little better than that!

    Again thanks and keep checking for more info on future releases!

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    Will this work on a T600? (unlocked AT&T GSM operating on Cingular)
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    Quote Originally Posted by eTreo View Post

    Will this work on a T600? (unlocked AT&T GSM operating on Cingular)
    The api we are using is listed to work with 600, 650, and 700. We have fully tested only Treo 650. Feel free to download a trial and send an SMS message to yourself. You will quickly know whether it works or not. We just haven't had a chance to test on 600 yet.
    It is simple and easy to use. Let us know any suggestions or improvements on our website.

    Thanks, Zoran.

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