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    iam usinfg IBM tool to convert my jad and jar file to prc files. iam getting an error message of

    Error:An invalid PRCwas created(0 bytes).

    (E)J9VM0019 Fatal error: Unable to find and initialize required class java/lang/Object
    (I)J9VM0020 Searched in c:\Java_Tech_for_Garnet_WEME57\JVM\Simulator\lib\jclFoundation10\
    (I)J9VM0020 Searched in c:\Java_Tech_for_Garnet_WEME57\JVM\Simulator\lib\
    (I)J9VM0020 Searched in c:\Java_Tech_for_Garnet_WEME57\JVM\Simulator\lib\jclFoundation10\
    (I)J9VM0023 This may indicate that JAVA_HOME is incorrect, or that class libraries are not installed
    (W)J9VM0015 Initialization error for library jclfoun10_22: (E)J9VM0009 J9VMDllMain failed
    (E)EXEL0073 Internal VM error: Failed to create Java VM

    I changed my env variaable to simulator . please help me.
    Thanks in Advance

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    wish i could help, but i've had no problems when using this, hopefully someone can give you a solution for this.
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    I haven't used the tool in ages, but it seems very apparent that it can't find some files. I don't remember exactly, but I would try changing whatever variable you changed to reflect the device. It'd take some research on Google though. If you can't figure it out, a directory structure would be helpful.

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