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    I have a sprint Treo 650 and a mac powerbook 17" both bluetooth enabled (obviously). I was just wondering if it was possible to have the SMS messages that come to my phone show up on my computer if it is around the phone? Plus if that is even possible, would it be possible to send them?
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    ^ Nope, no can do. The bluetooth functionality on the T650 is pretty crippled. I don't even think you can initial calls on your T650 from your PB let alone a text message.
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    spiVeyx, are you u saying it isn't possible because of the crippled bluetooth? Can this be done with other cell phones with better bluetooth?
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    I believe there are a lot of services that other phones support that the Treo doesn't. OS X supports many cell phone services like caller ID showing on the Mac, initiate calls from the Mac, and others. None of these are supported by the Treo.

    There are some widgets that allow sending SMS from dashboard. So I guess you could use DUN through the Treo and then send a SMS from the dashboard if you are on the road.
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    I think...

    (1) that if your address book is open on your Mac and paired with the Treo via BT (look for the little BT icon in the Add book window), then you can see incoming calls and SMS.

    (2) you can use iChat to send SMS for free at least within North America.

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