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    I've had my treo 650 for a couple of years and love it. It has always worked great synching with cable to mac (current OS10.4.6)...two months ago a friend sent me a normal text msg that I could neither open nor delete...since then my treo has been toally wack. I was able to purge and delete all other text chats except that one and the one the was physically right below it in chat window...everytime I try to purge it frrezes and reboots but never goes away. Everytime that person texts me in automatically goes to that chat which causes the phone to freeze and reboot. If another text comes in from someone else and I tap the msg icon on upper left of basic phone screen --it freezes and reboots. I've tried to hotsync and purge and even did a hard reset and wiped everything away but when I restored my files the evil text chat came back...has this happened to anyone else??? Is ther a way to restore without restoring text message history or chat history? also now my regular hotsync won't goes through all the motions and says it synchronizing but it neither synchrnizes nor restores any backup data back onto my phone!!! somebody please help! I love my treo but if this continues I may have to strangle it out of frustration !

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    Have you tried deleting the SMS database file? (Sorry, I don't know which file that is--probably something like "smsdb" or "messagingdb.")
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    That will, of course, delete all your other messages as well ... but it may be the only way to clear the corrupted ones.
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    i'd be happy to loose all other chats just to get rid of this.... where do I find this db file?
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    On my Sprint phone, the file is called "Messages Database." I deleted it with FileZ and my stored SMS disappeared. I don't know if it's the same across carriers, but I don't see any reason it wouldn't be, either.

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