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    Anyone know how to fix either or both of the following Treo 650 issues. Both are about to put me in a padded cell:

    #1 Treo 650 resets Auto-Off to ":20" no matter what the setting in Prefs is. The 2 or 3 minute setting in Prefs holds true until a phone call is made. Then EVERY app on the device goes into keylock state in about :20 seconds. This should only occur while using the phone which would be great, but not in every app. I've used the cool little freeware app AlwaysOn to do the setting of the auto-off time with the same results. (Related?: When in a phone call making notes in another app, the phone app replaces the app in a similar time frame if the app your using gets no input. A collossal pain when entering / reading data to someone on a call.)

    #2 Call Log only keeps sporadic entries. About 1/2 of my incoming and outgoing calls show up in the call log, for use in return calling or redials. The other "1/2" will be there as they should. Not based on whether #s are stored in Contacts either. This is another monster pain in "glutes", when you just want to return a missed call or redial a 10 digit number that was entered by hand the first call.

    Using Cingular 650 on firmware 1.51. Thanks for your help.
    Patrick Horne
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    #2 - Are you crashing a lot? Could be that some calls are getting wiped off the list if you are crashing and then restoring from backup.

    If I was you, I would unbrand your phone so you can put the ROW firmware on it. That's what I did to my cingular and, while still buggy, it works a lot better.

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