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    I am traveleing to NYC tommorrow for a few days vacation (nothing like waiting until the last minute to ask this). I was thinking of getting software for traveling. i searched the forums and came up with Vindigo and Worldmate. There was no post that really compared them but it seemed as if Worldmate might have more features (didn't way what) and more problems. I have TOMTom nav 5 so I am not looking for GPS software, just anything that would impress my family with my ability to find things in NYC. The posts said that these programs locate bathrooms, places of interest, etc. Any recommendations?
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    Use Metro for subway directions.

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    Vindigo is very nice for NY and most other large cities. Restaurants, sights, locations, bathrooms, etc. My versin of Worldmate is nothing like what you describe; it is a nice utility but not for doemstic travel and no information about destinations.
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