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    A friend of mine gave me an mp3 file he recorded at a football game and I want to upload it to my 700p. It is an mp3 file at 196kbps. It also plays fine on my computer.

    I tried using Windows media player, but it says that Windows media can't convert the file to the format needed for the handheld.

    I also tried the installer, but it says that the file is an incompatible handheld file.

    PC-tunes, however, seem to play my other MP3 files, so if I can get it to the device, it might play.

    Does anyone know why is this file labeled an incompatible handheld file that I can't even download to the handheld? That is, what is meant by "incompatible handheld file?"
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    its possible that either the file is protected or corrupt.
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    My guess is the file is corrupt. There is a freeware program called mp3trim (google search). It will rewrite the headers on the file. Just use the program to re-write the mp3 (don't need to trim anything). It will rewrite the header of the file. Should solve the problem.
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