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    OK, now that I've plunged headfirst into Hacks (thanks one and all!), how do I take the next step and (safely) overclock my Ice VDX? I have a backup module, but not enough cash for a new Visor (saving for a Prism), so I can take some risks but don't want to burn anything out.

    I have Clockup DA since it's free and works fairly simply. Anyone want to explain the merits of Afterburner or some other software? Can anyone share their horror stories and cautionary tales? - "when I was a kid, why, we thought 1 megahertz was just too darn risky!" I really want to know what the optimum clock speed is for my VDX (zippy but not hurtling James Dean-like to a speedy, and early, demise). For those with a hard-earned Prism/Platinum, you can play too.
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    I got Afterburner right after installing a Minstrel S modem since I wanted as much speed as possible.
    I run my Prism at 44Mhz. The default speed is set to 44 Mhz and I use the settings suggested by the
    software developer. There is a lot of info on Afterburner in several of the archived discussions. I would
    suggest searching on afterburner.

    In 2 months of heavy use ( 3 hours a day or more), I have noted no ill effects on the Prism or on me.
    The battery drain may have increased but my useage is so high that I just recharge the Prism morning
    and night and sometimes in my car. I browse the net for 30 minutes at a time, several times a day
    while downloading email or doing research so my useage is consistently high.

    I relly appreciate the speed advantage in searching large files.

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    Afterburner is nice because you can set the speed for each application. There's no reason to run 'Yahtzee' or 'Battleship' at 28mhz. You can slow these down to conserve batteries. Some apps work just fine at or below your Visors' 16mhz. It takes some time to sort through all your apps, but you can enjoy high speed searching and still have good battery life.
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    About 6 weeks ago when I got my Prism there was a thread like this going aroud - had tons of responses.

    Some people were mentioning errors that they were experiencing with Afterburner. Based on the results of that post I went with Cruise Control (which I believe is freeware) and haven't had a problem at all. When running benchmark (with Benchmark showing the Platinum/Prism rating at 204%) I regularly clock in at 246% while on Cruise Control. Haven't noticed any problems with the exception of having to turn Cruise controll off when receiving beams (which I don't do often).
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    I was a (relatively) long time fan of AfterBurner III. I am currently using QuickBits on its own though. My Prism is a lot more stable and is faster than running any overclocking software.

    Just five minutes ago, I re-activated AfterBurner after not using it for a couple of weeks. I ran BenchMark, after doing a soft reset, and my Prism immediately had a hard reset! It definitely looks an AfterBurner problem although it could be an incompatibility issue with X-Master 1.2 or with QuickBits 1.0c which I'm running too.
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    Clockup DA.
    It's simple and Easy. and a Plat. and 42 Mhz is jsut the right frequensies so nothing is hurt. (I.E. Backup Module, IR, hotsync)

    I would recommend it.. AND it's a lot easier to turn on and off than a hack.
    -Michael Ducker
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    I've used AfterBurner for about 4 months on my Visor Deluxe. It really speeds things up, but I have had a lot of unexplained freezes with Datebk4.

    I shut it off the other day; I may try it again, but configured so DateBk4 doesn't use it (which is a pity, because the search speed on DateBk4 is really a treat.)
    Jeff Meyer

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    I use ClockupDA. I like the fact that I can change the CPU speed on the fly.

    I set it at 26MHz on my VDX and so far so good. The only thing is that some AvantGo pages appear a little weird, but still readable.
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    Sorry about that earthquake, Jeff! I was playing with Clockup DA and decided to max it out at 42 MHz. Next thing you know... ;-)

    (I can't account for the riots, though, and Amazon is on their own.)
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    (on VDX)
    Afterburner 2
    PhlegmHack and various others

    Had occasional soft resets. Apphack and QuickSheet 5.x didn't get along well.

    Afterburner 3.0t
    X-Master 1.2
    McPhling 1.08 and others (about 11 total)
    TrapWeaver just because
    Apphack back in

    No problems with resets or other mis-behaviors.

    I run most apps at 28mhz, hotsynch at 26mhz (didn't connect reliably at 28mhz). I'm using the included built-ins (DB+, not DB4 for example) not full versions.

    Quite happy with AB3.x and X-Master!
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    I was using Afterburner 3.0z (or whatever the latest is) on my Prism maxed out on juice and the default settings along with QuickBits and ClockupDA and it worked fine...for a while. Then all sorts of weirdness crept in. I would get soft resets whenever I reinserted the OmniSky module. I lowered the speed and that helped...for a while. Then I would still get reset problems with OmniSky. (And I kept blaming OmniSky)

    I switched back to 3.0t and this was much more stable...for a while. I still had OmniSky weirdness ocasionally. They sent me a new modem and it made no difference. The tech guys were largely no help. One of them had me uninstall all of my hacks, and that seemed to help.

    The last two weeks I have been able to HotSync on my Mac at home, but when I'd get to my PC in the morning, it wouldn't connect. I'd have to call handspring tech support, and eventually, the only thing that worked was doing a hard reset. the "empty" Prism synced up fine. I'd restore using backup buddy, but later I'd have the same problem. So last night I stayed late, put the Yankees-Mariners game on, and, starting from a hard reset, began restoring apps a few at a time. Everything worked fine, syncing was great. I saved Afterburner for the very end. And after restoring it my PC wouldn't sync.

    So I tried unchecking it, and that made no difference. i tried a soft reset, and that got me to "identifying user" on the hotsync screen, but it froze. I deleted Afterburner entirely from the Prism and it worked.

    I find that Clockup at 42 MHz is extremely stable (so far), and I'm not getting any OmniSky weirdness. I'm beginning to think that for my Prism, Afterburner was more like a virus.

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