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    Easy to the explanations, I'm not techie! I'm trying to Hot Sync up to my Treo 650. I went in to Treocenral store and purchased a 'Smartphone Experts Retractable S&C Cable (w/Button) for Treo 650 .. cost $12.95.

    I began the Sync process and up comes this "The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Pleasce check your set-up and try again". I also got a windows installer error saying: "Windows could not load the installer {784126C0-4190-11D4-B5C2-00C04F687A67} contact your hardware vendor for assistance.

    Now I'm thinking because I have this Hot Sync cable that is not propreitory (even though TreoCentral says it will work) that I should be able to go somewhere to get, perhaps, some manufacturer information that will allow me to work around this problem >> if in fact I hav a 3rd party problem.

    Anybody out there like to give me some advice? / thanks so much
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    I have that cable and it works fine. I would make sure all of the Palm sw is installed correctly and that Hotsync is using the right com ports. This is not a cable problem (that is assuming you have the cable connected properly - the S&C cable does have to be inserted into the Palm with a firm shove). Have you tried the standard cable?
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    I also am a newbie and experienced the same problem today.
    Did you find a solution yet?

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