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    So this is weird...

    I bought my Sprint T650 modified to work w/Verizon instead. It came that way, I bought it on eBay. It worked perfectly until a few weeks ago. Then it started being buggy. Some of the buttons started performing the function of other buttons. For example, the End Call/Power and the Messaging button would both function as the Messaging button (i.e. couldn't power off phone, couldn't end calls) The Home key would type a period if I was in a editable region, otherwise it would do nothing. and a few of the letters would be other letters, like v would type a b, etc. Most of the buttons if I hit them rapidly enough and enough times would end ultimately return to the true functions once or twice, allowing me to turn off the phone, or cycle through the home menus, etc.

    Resetting hasn't helped.

    Taking apart the phone, lifting the keyboard completely out, cleaning, and putting it all back together carefully hasn't helped.

    Problem started sparingly, but is starting to occur more frequently.. any ideas??? I told you it was werd!
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    When you say resetting hasn't helped - are you talking about a soft or hard reset? If the previous owner had some kind of hack on there to reassign keyboard keys I suppose that could be it, although I don't know why it would only happen every once in a while.

    If you do a hard reset and it's still happening then I would say you have a hardware problem.

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