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    I need my Treo 650 works like an answering machine (automatic answering and recording message) because I need avoid the proveider's Voicemail service.

    Is it possible?

    Configuring Palm OS?
    Getting a SW tool?

    Thanks in advance
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    ^ Nope, I don't think so.

    You can record phone calls using a program call CallRec, but other than that, there is no "software answering machine" for the Treo. Most people (I'd venture to say all) use the voicemail service their carrier provides.
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    Thank you spyVeyx

    I'm located in Mexico, I receive lots of calls due to my job, some times I can't answer a phone call and I redirect them to the provider's voicemail system.

    Every time I want to retreive a message I need to make a phone call to the system, however, it has a cost ( I don't remember, more or less 20 dollar cents ), that is the reason I need urgently an answering machine for my Treo.

    Well, I have to wait for it.
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    I think callshield has this feature... I THINK.
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    No, they do not.
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    can't believe such intelligent pda phone lacks such must-have function! Anyone who can invent one will make a millionaire in 3 months!
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    How about Call Wave
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    I think an answering machine is an excellent feature to have. I used to have a MiicroTac Elite (12 years ago) and i was able to screen my calls and also not have to call the network to receive my messages.

    I think an answering machin is very doable. This is what is needed.

    1) Answer a call with mute activated

    2) Play a greeting

    3) Rocord the phone conversation.

    4) provide a UI that can disable mute and allow you to take the call.
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    Yes, it was pretty nice made in MicroTac, but limited to 2 minutes if I remember right. However no need to spend money calling operator especially if you receive a lot of calls. Callfilter can play background music when you answer a call, few additions and it is done.

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