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    Couldn't help but put my two-cents worth. (What can you buy for two-cents?)

    I have been using Macs for over a decade now, and usually Apple is pretty good about updates, but OCCASSIONALLY the newer updates is not neccesarily the best. iWeb is a good example - but that's another story.

    My config presently.
    Mac OS - most up to date.
    Entourage - most up to date
    Palm OS - most up to date

    Entourage already has a conduit that interfaces with Palm desktop, but now they took it one step better : they now interface with Apple's address book, iCalc!!
    Which means you can use Entourage as your 'middle-man' to sync your Palm, Entourage, and Apple's Mail and iCalc all together!

    My works nice - I found no need to buy 3rd party apps to sync my data everywhere. Entourage - to Microsoft's credit did a decent job syncing. The app on the other hand is no-where as nice as Apple's simplicity and elegance of Mail.

    For phones like the Motorola Q (looks nice and made me pause) the Missing Sync app would be ideals or useful. I haven't used it personally, but by all accounts from the discussion threads I've read in Apple's discussion groups it's a worthwhile investment.

    That's my take.
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    How do you handle the no-category support in Entourage? Do you use multiple calendars in iCal? I used to use the Mac apps but found the syncing to buggy with Missing Sync, though they did post an update today.

    Chad Garrett

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