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    I'm looking into a 3rd party software app to provide sync'ing between my T650 & Lotus Notes 6.5 on Win XP. I'm only looking to sync my Calendar and Address Book.

    Which product would you recommend?
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    I am also looking for this.
    I have come across Lotus Easy SyncPro but havent yet been able to spend the time to evaluate.
    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I used EasySync 2-3 years ago with my 180 and started using it when I got my 600. Had many problems with it and all I was syncing was Calendar. Meetings would get duplicated, changes wouldn't always sync properly. I was also using a hybrid where I synced to Notes, but also to iCal on my mac - both from the same treo with the Treo being the "go between" device. Not sure if that caused some of the problems or not.

    Went with mNotes early last year. After my hard drive failed earlier this year and I had to reinstall everything, I found out that my $75 license had expired after a year. Now it appears that I have to purchase another license. I'm not very thrilled about that idea... $75 is a LOT for a treo app in the first place, but to pay that every year out of my pocket to sync my work calendar is not my cup of tea.

    The ideal solution is something with will SYNC (not just import) with airset/google calendar, treo, notes, and ical... Best I can tell, there is no industry standard for how to put an app together so things will sync appropriately. That's the real depressing part about my experience the last 10 years that I've been using Palm devices...
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    I'm not sure if Intellisync will work on Lotus Notes or do the exact job you want, but you might want to look at it if you haven't done so already.

    Note Update: I think the poll at the top was added sometime today as I don't recall seeing it when I came into this thread; but, I may have moved right through it though, as I was on the 700p.
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    All of the options seems a bit pricey ($50+), especially mNotes if it's a yearly subscription. I've been leaning towards EasySync Pro and Intellisync.
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