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    i got this problem that the pen son point correct, when running prefs i can do the "center test" 100times without success. Worked before,i tried to reset and all , nothing happend. Tips??

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    i think you need to replace the LCD
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    Quote Originally Posted by esatyawan View Post
    i think you need to replace the LCD
    Humm.. i was just on my way to sell it.. *bad luck*
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    All you can do is sell it for spares or repairs on ebay. Which seems like a bit of a waaste, if you have any electronic "whiz" about yourself, which im sure you have, you can try and replace the lcd screen yourself.

    There are many online eBooks that you can download from the net that give a detailed step by step guide.

    Just google and have fun.
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    There may be a bit of dust or a crumb or sand or similar detritus stuck under the case and pressing on the perimeter of the screen causing your problem.

    Using the corner of a business card, inserted between the screen and the edge of the case, gently work your way around the edge of the screen removing any bits of junk that may be caught there.

    After that, re-digitize / re-calibrate your screen.

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