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    Tried to get bbc on my treo and We're stuck at step 1 as we don't have a blackberry enterprise server - we currently use the blackberry Internet service as we don't host our mail internally.

    Is there any way that I can get my email to my treo?

    I tried with chatter however my OWA does not work as there are additional log in screens.

    I cannot find anything... am I out of luck? Will I have to sell my treo and get a bb???? nooooooo.......

    I want my treo... any help.. thanks guys.
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    On the BB solution, I don't know but at least the latest version of BB Connect for Cingular (search for the very recent thread) requires that you have Blackberry Enterprise Server, I think. BIS ain't gonna cut it. And that's Cingular.

    I don't know about the grey market solution that was floating around, whether it supports BIS or not.

    For Chatter and OWA, it worked flawlessly for me. I'm sure if you post something in the Chatter subforum here on TC you'll get an answer from Marc Blank and he can get you up and operating.

    The other solution is Versamail. This also works to my Exchange Server and syncs email (inbox and sent), Calendar, and Contacts.

    Your Treo can and will make happy noises for you in the Email Department. I'd suggest starting with Chatter, especially if you're not on T-Mobile--you can get push email then from your Exchange Server.
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    ok finally got chatter to work with it after getting my IT dept involved. Guess I didnt know what I was doing.. hahahahaha.. well it looks like Im going to keep my treo!! yeahhhhh... we are going to test it out for a couple of days and then they send me a new treo and my treo goes to the wifey.
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    What did you have them do?


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