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    Hello guys,

    I know that this more of a Treo forum but for some of lucky people who have both the Treo and a Zodiac 1-2 then this may interested you. I have ported my application called Lunar Lander Simulator 2.0. Please see my other post about this game which is compatible with Treo 600/650/700p among others. Today I am happy to annonce that I have released the Zodiac Tapwave (1 and 2) for anybody interested...

    You can find it of course here at TreoCentral:

    But also:

    LEM Simulator 2.0 at PalmGear

    LEM Simulator 2.0 at Handango
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    Hello guys,

    It is finnally here! The full screen (480x320) version is now available. Sorry at this time this landscape version only runs on the Zodiac Tapwave (not completly true since it will run on others Palm devices.....see my ps message at the bottom). Anyway I am hoping to release a landscape which will run on large screen Palm devices like the TX or LifeDrive shorty. The ZIP file also contains versions which runs on Palm/Treo devices either 320x320 or 160x160.

    You can try it (full version) here:

    Lunar Lander Simulator 2.0LS at PalmGear

    Lunar Lander Simulator 2.0LS at Handango

    I wanted to share with you this 480x320 version as soon as possible. I cannot thanks enough the great beta testers who helped me out in providing the Zodiac this game. Thank you!

    Please enjoy!


    ps: For people who have a large screen Palm (T3,T5,Tx, LifeDrive..), just for fun you could try it even so it is for the Zodiac. It should work but the up/down and left/right maybe switched (5-ways pad). If you do try it, I would really appreciate a feedback on how it works out for you. This will help speed up the release of the landscape version (480x320) for the large screen Palm devices. I thank you in advance.
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    Keep your charger handy. It's addictive!
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    Version 2.1 (320x320) and (160x160)

    Version 2.1LS Landscape version (480x320)

    Hello to all,

    Ok here the landscape 480x320 version of the lunar flight simulator. This version should work on T3, T5, TX and LifeDrive in addition to the Zodiac.

    You can get the latest version (2.1LS) here:

    LEM Simulator 2.1LS at PalmGear

    Hope you will like it.



    ps: Hello Tom!

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