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    OK, I went to the Verizon store to get a set of stereo headphones (thinking this was all I needed) and plugged them in to find out that the sound only comes on the right side and it sounds horrible. This is the same as if i use the earpiece that came with the phone. I heard there is an adapter I needto get stereo sound or something like that... Can someone straighten me out on this and tell me exactly what I need to do to have this work? Please let me know and post lins if possible to where I need to go for the hardware if neccessary.
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    Take a look at the Treo Central Store under this link:
    You will either need a 2.5 mm set of headsets/headphones or a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adpater, then you can use any normal headset you want. There are a lot of options out there, such as headphones that have a built in mic for talking on the phone.
    Also, do a search under accessories for headphone/headsets to read some discussions on what people like.
    If you still don't get stereo sound you may have a bad jack; which is a notorius problem on the Treo.
    Good luck and welcome to the Treo world!
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    So from what you are saying, it would appear that I do have a bad jack because I already tried the headset from the VZW store and did not get stereo sound... How do I fix the Jack? The phone is older than 1 year..
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    Do a search in the forum and you'll find the answer...
    Also check
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    Did you do a soft-reset before trying the headphones? I've had that issue sometimes when I've been using a BT headset and then try going to a wired stereo headset. A soft reset usually fixes it and the sound comes through in stereo....and yes, this is a feature of the 650. If you do a search on the board you will see may MP3 player threads with suggestions on the best players, ripping software, etc.
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    It's less of a bad jack and more of a design flaw. Many ppl said the factory jack is flimsy. I've bought and recommend the seido audio jack that plugs into the hotsync port. Works perfectly and gives u 3.5mm support.
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