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    My Treo 650 misses text messages on a daily basis. Does anyone else have this issue? My girlfriend and I are both on Cingular and she receives every single text I send her but I only receive about 70% of the texts she sends me. I always have a strong signal. One thing I have noticed is that when the Treo is in sleep mode (with the display off), is when I miss some of my texts. Also, sometimes an incoming text will wake the phone up and chime and other times I have to wake the phone up and then a previously sent text will pop in with the time of when I woke the phone up rather than the time the text actually arrived. And then as mentioned above, other times it does not come at all.

    Anyway, this is very frustrating and I hope someone out there might have a fix. Maybe a firmware update???
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    There was a confirmed bug in a now outdated version of either volumecare or callfilter that made ppl miss txts. A hard-reset will tell u if its 3rd party related.
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