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    These look like great app dev environments to get started with some ideas I have for new apps. Want to write Treo apps with connectivity to Internet and bluetooth GPS connectivity.

    Any developer recommendations for either?
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    100% HB++!!!

    Here a fast game I wrote with HB++ w/o knowing much about Palm programming!

    Lunar Lander Simulator 2.0 at PalmGear

    and a screen shot!

    Hope this will help.

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    I am honestly partial to CASL, however I've been using it for the past 6 years (or so). Long before becoming a partner in the product.

    I've done relatively well financially creating CASL applications over the years that run on both the PalmOS and PocketPC/Windows Mobile. Many solutions on the market will allow you to do one or the other, rarely both. Not all of my applications are cross-platform. Perhaps one of my best selling commercial CASL applications is LibertyControl (I will be releasing an update to it this weekend).

    (PalmOS Screen shot - There is also a Desktop component)

    There are many successful applications written in CASL and I would look seriously at any solutions that limit what platforms you can deploy your solution to. Depending on what your application needs are, targeting to multiple platforms using CASL may allow you to reach more potential customers. Sales seem to be around 50/50 for those apps. I sell on both Palm and PocketPC/Windows Mobile platforms. Other CASL developers have reported similar estimates, some where Windows Mobile has exceeded PalmOS sales.
    Palm and PocketPC Development with CASL (make your own Treo apps, easily)
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