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    Hello, everyone. I am a Treo newbie and need some advice setting up POP email and Outlook synchronization without conflicts. I have a Verizon Treo 700p. Read below…

    I have a POP email account and use Outlook on my laptop to check and maintain it. I travel a lot and got the Treo so I could keep up with email on the road. I also keep tasks and appointments in Outlook that I want to be able to sync up with the Treo at night when I return to the hotel (I do not have to keep up with these on a real time basis).

    I was able to get Outlook contacts, task list and calendar to sync using Wireless Sync.

    But email is where I am having the problem. When I travel, it isn't always convenient for me to open up my laptop and I don’t always have internet access. If I set this up with Wireless Sync, it seems that my laptop either has to always be on and connected to the Internet (not possible), or I use Wireless Sync to access my pop account but then when I sync with Outlook later, I have duplicate emails.

    My thought was to have another program like VersaMail check email on the Treo but leave it on the server until Outlook can download it for good. But VersaMail seems to be very inconsistent. It doesn't seem to get all the messages (with the laptop off, of course). I have heard that there is a Treo email program called Chatter Email that is good but I haven't tried it yet.

    AND here’s another question…I couldn’t get the Outlook calendar to sync up with HotSync, so I used Wireless Sync. If, for example, I go back to the hotel for the evening and don’t have Internet access for my laptop, can I still sync Outlook and the Treo? Or if I tether the Treo so the laptop can access the Internet, will Wireless Sync let the Treo and Outlook communicate?

    I am now wondering if I should use Wireless Sync to keep synced with my Outlook and then use a program like Chatter Email to just check my email on the Treo…

    Would you have any ideas at all on the best way to handle a situation like this? We have not been able to figure out a good way to get this to work. Or maybe we are asking for too much? Surely, I’m not the only person trying to do this, right?

    Or maybe there is better sync software that doesn’t require and Internet connection???

    Please, please help. Verizon tech support tells me there is no hope. I am very confused and frustrated.


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    Finally found someone at Verizon who helped me figure it out.

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