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    Instead of Quicknews, suppose I wanted a no install way to read RSS.

    Squeet, RssFwd are 2 email ways. My Bloglines is a web way in Blazer. The 700p has a fast Internet connection we know.

    So, which is the preferred way to get and read RSS- email or Web? What's the pro and con?
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    Depends on your preference. If you like VersaMail then RSSFWD is for you. QNews is so slow I have disable image download.
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    Do you think Qnews is still slow on the 700p?
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    How do you read Bloglines in Blazer? It doesn't work for me. Is their a mobile version or something?
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    I've stuck with Squeet and RSSFwd, shooting the feeds to email. Blazer is slower than email. And I don't want to chew up valuable RAM by loading a dedicated RSS program into my Treo 650.

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