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    Why does my phone reset when I answer calls. I've tried soft resets , hard resets adding program by program until it starts having the problem. One time I thought it was the ringtone manager. I've tried ringo, minitones, technician, and butler all do the same thing. I've purged sms and calls thinking it comes from that database, it worked for a while then started up again. Sometimes it will receive calls for a while then it starts back again. I'm ready to ditch the phone. I have had the phone replaced twice already. Can someone help
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    Does it reset when NO ringtone managers are installed?
    Is it for ALL calls? or certain numbers?
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    If you have the problem with a clean phone (after hard reset), then upgrade your firmware to the latest. Also try to insert a SIM card from another operator and see if the problem persists.
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    It does the reset with all numbers, sometimes it will answer sometimes it won't. The bad thing is that after the reset I lose the number of the person who callled.It does stop without the ringtone manager, but I really would like have ringtones. Has anyone else had the same problem?
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    Which ringtone manager are you using? I would imagine corrupted data relating to the manager or very low memory would be the culprit.

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    It is simple! Why would not you just try another ring tone manager which is stable! I use Callfilter and it works pretty fine for me.

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