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    Sorry, I did a search, but am obviously searching the wrong words. I only have 2 hours to finish this.

    If I go to Phone>Menu>Options>Phone Info it says I am running Software: Treo650-1.14dbg/600C (I think that "C" is actually another 0, but the screen cuts it off so it look like a C.) If there another way to check my ROM that will dsplay the whole thing?

    Anyways here is the problem: I want to switch to the newest Rogers ROM, but it won't let me because it says my current one is newer and then aborts.

    I haven't done anything on my Treo this year so I a little out of touch, but I remember reading that there was a generic ROM that allowed anyone to downgrade to it and then upgrade to the one I want (Mine is the factory unlocked GSM version)

    Does anyone know where I could find that ROM or have any other info for me?

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    First of all, what you have definitely is not a factory unlocked ROM. Such a ROM would be running software which either ends in LAP(?), ENA, or ROW. Your ROM is a leaked version of an unofficial prerelease. Secondly, if your device was unbranded, why on earth would you want to install a branded ROM?

    Change the applicable ROM tokens to reflect the update you wish to use, then you should be able to update to whatever firmware you wish.

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