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    If I install TCPMP to my handheld and use PowerRUN to move it to my SD Card do I have to do the same thing for the codecs or can I just use the Palm Desktop quick install to the sd card for the codecs? Am I better off just using the Palm Desktop quick install for the whole thing and not using PowerRUN? Thanks!
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    The codecs will need to be loaded into RAM anyway, how you do it is up to you.

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    So the codecs cannot be loaded onto the SD card? If this is the case I will load everything on to the device and just move the TCPMP prc with PowerRUN. I am really confused now, because I thought TCPMP and the codecs were fine being run from the SD card.
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    I have everything loaded on the SD card. (I got them there using a PC card reader.) TCPMP runs perfectly off the card. I think the phone made a copy of the main program on the phone itself, but all of the plugins are on the SD card.
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    I keep TCPMP and all the codecs in /Palm/Launcher on one of my cards, and it runs fine. (Tapwave Zodiac 1) I think it only loads whichever codec(s) it needs.
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    since i use tcpmp quite often i have it loaded in main memory, but i keep the codecs on the card in the root directory, and in tcpmp/menu/advanced options i select "always check card for plugins" with no problems, selecting this option is the only way tcpmp will see them on the card.
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