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    On my 600 I could use the curly symbol and type dt to get the date. There was an option to create more of these shortucts in the prefs, yet on the 700p I find no way to accomplish this task.

    Did I miss the steps, or was this feature dropped. If it was dropped, are there any 3rd party apps that fill the void?

    Just when I thought I was out... they pulled me back in.
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    ShortCut5 works great.
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    If you search for shortcuts you will also find some original palm files that can be placed on the card, and moved to RAM if you want the same squigly. I haven't tried it myself though as I am using Shortcuts5 without a problem. I have heard comments that Shortcusts5 is a bit heavy on resources though. If you decide to use those older files, don't install the third one as I've heard it causes problems. Please report back if they work for you...

    Good Luck!

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