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    I don't have a wired connection between PC and 650. I connect to my corporate Exchange server via Active synch with the 650. No problems since Nov 05.

    Last night I recieved a meeting invitation from another employee in the company. Upon accetance of the meeting the 650 rebooted. I went through alll of the power on/off sequences and have remeved battery etc. I have deleted my e-mail account on the 650 and re-created and e-mail synch's fine. When the calendar attempts to synch 650, restarts about 90% into the synch and calendar now is unable to be in synch with the server and my PC.

    Is there anyway to delete the calendar and have it resynch from scratch? Is there any good explanation for what happened? Calendar on PC is fine, 650 re-boots every time I attempt to synch. Synch starts - email synchs - calendar starts to synch nearly completes and 650 re-boots. (sometimes I am required to turn phone back on, sometimes not -- Internet always gets shut down)
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    I've had this problem before with recurring calendar events with too many exceptions. You can probably delete the calendar database or clear all of your Versamail databases and set your email accounts back up.

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