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    Hi guys,

    I bought a (cheap $35) BT earpiece for my new 700p but I have all but stopped using it. With the streo ear buds that came with the Treo I get:

    - Phone conversation in both ears (simulated stero), which is infinetly better than one ear
    - Audio and smart key support for the Voice-it voice dialer
    - The fantastic Zuma! soundtrack in streo, as well as other games
    - Sprint TV in stereo
    - No more angry friends complaing about their voice echoing through the BT earpiece

    I could go on. How close are we to getting BT headsets that address these needs? I have scrapped plans to purchase the $90 Plantronics headset. For me, stereo sound and voice dialing outweigh the benefits of wireless.

    If I've missed any software that compensates for this, please let me know.

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    I'm unfamilar with the problems with bluetooth (at least in the 650). Others have turned into revolutionaries who feel the atrocity inflicted upon them by Palm is some kind of mortal sin which should not go unpunished. To be honest, I haven't used a bluetooth headset yet which did not perform to my standards (which can be irrationally high sometimes). The bluetooth situation looks hit or miss from over here, I've used a Logitech Mobile Express ( with great success, and would highly recommend that if you are looking for a bluetooth headset.

    I think there are also bluetooth stereo solutions available. I remember seeing somewhere a bluetooth solution for non-bluetooth phones... I'm not positive if it was a stereo headset though, perhaps Google will return better results. And I'm sure SAG will eventually be supported on the Treo 700...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slot_Machine View Post

    I bought a (cheap $35) BT earpiece

    Buy a NOT-CHEAP ear piece

    I use a Sony Ericsson, but Plantronics and Jabra do decent ones too, read reviews.

    Then the problems you face (like echoing) will disappear.
    There are even stereo BT pieces, so its a matter of getting the right product for you rather than BT functionality
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    Echoing is caused when the microphone picks up sound from the earpiece, usually because the volume on the earpiece is high. The best way to avoid this is to buy a BT headset with a boom microphone. And furthermore, don't but cheap BT headsets, it's just a waste of time and money. It's a lot better to spend more money on a good product than less money on a crappy one.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys (pardon the pun). I figured that the echo was due to the loud volume. Now are there any BT headsets that the Palm OS will direct ALL audio to, not just the phone? This cheapo model I've got now

    - Let me talk on the phone

    - work with voice dial-it
    - transmit any other system sound, chirp or burp from the Treo.

    Redbelt, if I were to get a fance stereo BT headset, would that solve the problem? My guess is that this is a OS issue, not a hardware issue.

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